CATS CATS-Reflection Control Panel
C-ATS Reflection Control Panel - 50mm
Reflection Control Panels - 16 individual panels per box - 1.44m2
CATS CATS-Reverberation Control Panel 12 mm
Individual unboxed weights:
Reverberation Control Panel – 12mm – 30cm x 30cm x 1.2cm – 98g
Packed weight:
Reverberation Control Panel x 16 – 12mm – 33cm x 32cm x 26cm – 2Kg
CATS CATS-Reverberation Control Panel - 50mm
The Complete Acoustic Treatment Systems Reverberation Control Panel 50 (CATS-REV-CP-50) is an acoustic treatment unit which reduces room reverberations. It includes a self adhesive backing layer and is just 50 mm deep.
CATS CATS-Resonance Control Panel - 43mm
Individual unboxed weights:
Resonance Control Panel – 60cm x 60cm x 4.3cm – 1.7Kg
Packed weight:
Resonance Control Panel x 4 – 64cm x 62cm x 24cm – 8Kg
DT Port Hole Glass Single Glazed is a single glazed projector porthole featuring high performance dual anti reflection coated glass, magnetic flange and RAL colour finish options.