WattBox WB-250I-IPW-2
The WattBox 250 IPW Series is a compact Wi-Fi WattBox with individually controlled outlets, professional-grade surge protection, and the option for wired connectivity.
WattBox WB-800IVPS-IPVM-12
Put power up and down a rack with our sleek, pro-grade aluminum WattBox® Vertical Power Strip & Conditioner.
WattBox WB-800ICH1U-IPVM-8
The WattBox 800I Series 8-Outlet brings the professional-grade benefits of the 800I Series in a 1U form factor.
WattBox WB-800I-FP
WB-800I-FP is only compatible with 800I Series IP WattBox Products, but it is not compatible with the WB-800ICH1U-IPVM-8.
WattBox WB-800I-IPVM-6
Series IP Power Conditioner | 6 Individually Controlled & Metered Outlets
Pakedge P20E
Pakedge 20-Outlet Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (International)
Pakedge P2E
Pakedge 2-Outlet Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (International)