Accessoires Automation

TY-B-ETH Bus connector Ethernet PoE. It enables connection for TY-K-TURN-BK, TY-K-TURN-SR, TY-K-TURN-BZ modules.
Control 4 C4-T4TBS8
Control4® T4 Series Tabletop 8" Base
Control 4 C4-T4TBS10
Control4® T4 Series Tabletop 10" Base
Control 4 C4-T4PMNT
Control4® T4 Series Tabletop Permanent Mount Kit
Control 4 C4-DOCK7
Control4® Replacement Tabletop Dock For C4-TT7
Control 4 C4-DOCK10
Control4® Replacement Tabletop Dock For C4-TT10
Control 4 C4-ZWE
Z-Wave Module - Region E
Control 4 C4-ZWDUSB
Dongle USB to Z-Wave
Control 4 C4-WMEA3
EA-3 Wall-Mount Bracket
Control 4 C4-WMEA1
EA-1 Wall-Mount Bracket
Control 4 C4-USBWIFI-1
Control4 Dual-band WiFi USB Adapter (International)
Control 4 C4-IOXV2
IO Extender V2
Control 4 C4-EA1RMK2-BL
1U Rack-Mount Kit, Dual EA-1 Controller
Control 4 C4-EA1RMK1-BL
1U Rack-Mount Kit, Single EA-1 Controller
Control 4 C4-CBLRJ45-DB9
Serial Cable RJ45 to DB9M for C4-CA1
Control 4 C4-CBL3.5mm-DB9B
3.5mm to DB9 Serial Cable
Control 4 C4-AK-3M
3-meter Wireless Antenna Kit
Control 4 C4-MPIWB-BL
Control4 Multi-Purpose In-Wall Box (Black)
Control 4 C4-CBLIR-BULK
IR Emitters - 5 Pack