Cool Automation GS SMT-131 - 24Vac - touch screen communicating thermostat
Touch screen communicating thermostat, with Modbus interface to connect with
CoolAutomation Cloud solutions*.
* CoolMasterNet or CooLinkBridge is required to connect with CoolRemote Cloud solutions
Control 4 C4-THERM-WH
Control4® Wireless Thermostat by Aprilaire® 8644C4
Control 4 AC-FMTS1-W
Flush Mount Remote Temperature Sensor
ABB 6138/11-83-500
Thermostat D'Ambiance V.C. Avec Lcd Me Aluminium Argent
ABB 6138/11-84-500
Therm. D'Ambiance V.C. Avec Lcd Me Davos Blanc Studio