Tyba switches evolve: Ethernet bus and updates

Tyba is making its products more flexible in terms of integration and speeding up its accessibility to other brands and integration systems. The interfaces, which appeal through their original design, will benefit from a new bus connector and three updates between now and the end of the year.

Ethernet bus connector available soon (pre-orders now open)

You'll now be able to run a cable through the wall and connect the interfaces to the network directly, thanks to Tyba's new Ethernet bus connector. Delivered at the end of the year, they are now available for pre-order. This new bus will be available at the same price as the Cresnet bus.

Pre-order Tyba TY-B-ETH bus connector

Software updates on the way for Tyba: Works with Sonos, UX and integrations

The manufacturer is planning to roll out major updates over the next three months. The exact dates have not yet been set, but the programme is already detailed. 

Tyba Works with Sonos: Turn2 integrates Sonos

The first planned update will enable the brand to integrate the Sonos system directly into Turn2s. This will make the speakers easier to use than they are now, with no need to go through Control4 to read playlists. This update should be available very soon, so stay tuned!

Refreshed user interface

The brand is also working on a major refresh of the user interface. This update aims to improve the UX, reduce the number of actions to access controls and clarify what can be controlled without having to scroll through pages to find out.

Additional integrations: Cool Automation and Crestron Home.

The final round of updates will involve integrating new brands to manage their related devices from Turn2. Climate management (HVAC) devices connected to the Cool Automation system will therefore be manageable by Tyba Home models. The same applies to Crestron Home, which will be accessible in the same way as Control4 from this interface.

Increasingly comprehensive interfaces

Tyba has found its audience thanks to an ultra-modern, original design. The interface and integration, which had some limitations in the first version, are continually being improved by the manufacturer in response to requests from integrators. The Turn and Turn2 interfaces are being enhanced day by day to become much more than just switches.

Why choose Turn 2 from Tyba Home?

Halfway between a KNX multifunction switch and a touch-sensitive tablet, Turn2 offers a wide range of actions without being as imposing as a wall-mounted tablet. Its small, round screen and rolling frame make it a simple, intuitive interface.

Contact us if you'd like to find out more about the brand and its updates.


Tyba switches evolve: Ethernet bus and updates
Sophie TRIGODET 12 octobre, 2023
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