Device Image Updater

V2 for versions 2.9+

The Device Image Updater is used to flash devices to an older or newer OS version, overwriting the factory restore image in the process. It can be used in place of using Update Manager to update a device.

To reflash the device:

  1. Download the C4_Device_Image_Updater_V2_Installer.exe file to your desktop.
  2. Double click on the C4_Device_Image_Updater_V2_Installer.exe file to install, then follow installation instructions.
  3. Choose the target device(s) to be updated.
  4. Select the OS to install to the target device(s). This process may take several minutes to start, please be patient.
  5. After the initial run of the updater, the device restarts. If the OS was set to 2.10 or older, then run the Device Image Updater a second time in order to apply the DigiCert Security Certificate patch. This patch is necessary to re-register the controller.
  6. Delete any previous version of the Image Updater Software that was originally downloaded as a zip file.
  7. Register the controller at and verify the controller is on the intended OS version.
Device Image Updater
Jose Plaza 24 octobre 2023
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